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Analytical Arm In Your Growth Journey



Engagement Model

We work in 4 D model with our customers. We can gather requirements at the different levels, build business use cases, technical design, followed by the actual implementation of Analytics project, and present the analysis of results in an intuitive manner.


Define the problem space by asking the right questions. Involve in meeting with customer to understand customer domain and environment. Come up with the Business case and value proposition that BI and analytics would bring to the customer.


Come up with prototype based on the  data  which customer shares and publically available data. It would help them show the value that analytics would bring with the solution proposed as part of our prototype.


Design and develop the actual solution  by pulling data from different sources which customer gives access to along with relevant demographic data And build the proper model.


Finally we help in deploying the implemented solution with proper visualization. Apprise the customer of the solution and help the customer of running the models.  And continue to support by improving the model.



We provide both instructor led and online training to educational and corporates. We concentrate 80-90% of our time on Analytics concepts and 10-20 % on tools. Concepts are clearly explained using plain language with simple & intuitve examples in the interested domains based on the need. It helps in getting technical concepts clear in the language of the domain. Lot of time is spent in providing hands-on exercises. It is crafted by experts based on real life business scenarios. It is not necessary to be a professional computer scientist, software engineer, or an expert in specific software development methodologies.

Learning Solutions

Upskill the knowlodge of employees by providing standard format trainings based on the company needs.

Custom Solutions

Design & Deliver customized training in Business Intelligence and Analytics based on the needs of your organizations.