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Analytical Arm In Your Growth Journey

What we can do for you

We are professionals with more than 15 years of experience in consulting ,training and product development in the areas of Business Intelligence and Analytics . We have experience across different domains.

We work with open source technologies to reduce cost and expenses of our partners in order to keep them competitive in market. We are specialized both in open source and licensed tools . We work with different tools based on the customer needs.


We help companies in integrating the power of Analytics into their solutions and innovations. We help companies that want to prosper in the new data economy by fundamentally rethinking how the data analysis would create value for themselves and their customers. We have extensive experience in Data Mining reporting, analyzing, and the ability to formally present results to management in language they understand.

Social Mission

We believe that data skills can be imparted to everyone.

  • Preparing the rural graduates with data skills and competitive for jobs.
  • Tapping the rural talent and training them with skills in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics.
  • Imparting the data skills to mid-level professionals in rural areas.